Cooking update: Blue Apron again

I have to admit, I haven’t posted many recipes lately. It’s not because we haven’t been cooking; in fact, we’ve been cooking a lot more than usual! The reason is because we’ve started using Blue Apron again. That means we are cooking about 3 new recipes a week and for the remaining meals, we’re either eating out or cooking something familiar and easy.

We started Blue Apron again because we realized we were eating out almost every night of the week. My husband and I are both professionals, so sometimes we don’t end up getting home until about 7pm. The thought of going to the store after work to prepare a meal always seemed exhausting! Even on the weekends, we would get lazy about cooking. The other side effect is that our take-out meals were too big and I could feel it in our waistlines.

These are the main advantages I find:

  • We don’t spend as much time deciding what to cook. We choose the three meals for the week in advance and then just have to decide between those three meals.
  • We don’t have to go shopping for groceries; we can just get home from work and start cooking.
  • The meals are portion controlled so we don’t eat too much!
  • The recipes are a bit more interesting than we’d cook for ourselves and most of what we’ve made has been very tasty.

Of course, Blue Apron doesn’t work for everyone. It is definitely more pricey than buying groceries on your own (but cheaper than eating out like we were). I’ve also had a few minor issues with the shipments, like missing ingredients or damaged goods. However, in general, it’s been a very positive experience for us and I think we’ll continue to use it.